Holistic well-being is necessary to create high functioning teams. We cover the entire spectrum of Physical, Mental, Career and Spiritual Well-Being.

Our well-being programs focus
on helping participants:

1. Gain awareness and take action that gets results.
2. Discover a lifestyle and workstyle that is energising and sustainable.
3. Tap into the innate capacity to grow and adapt.
4. Awaken the inner power to create big shifts in life and work.

Programs & Topics

  • Hacking Stress: Living a Life of Balance and Energy
  • Mindful Leadership: Practical Remedies for Enhancing Productivity & Engagement
  • Holistic Well-Being for Busy People: Body, Mind & Soul
  • Nurturing the Spiritual Quotient: Integrating Your Personal and Professional Life
  • Strengthening Relationships in all Spheres
  • Deep Relaxation and Restorative Yoga Practices for Calmness
  • Working with Difficult Emotions: Getting Unstuck
  • Quick Tools for Very Busy People: Chair Yoga and Pranayam

*Custom-built programs are also delivered based on client needs