Welcome to OD Mantra

We help you stay relevant and precious. We deliver Organisational Development interventions that sharpen the human side of leadership. Our expertise is in Team and Leadership Coaching, Mindful Leadership, Well-Being and OD Consulting. Everything we do is customized to your people and business priorities. Unleash your people power and navigate business challenges better during these times of rapid change.

Founder – Latha Emmatty Gupta

What We Do


Building a bridge to your higher potential


Building resilient teams that thrive

OD Consulting

Building insights and capacity for growth, innovation and change

Mindful Leadership

Building the human dimension of leadership


Building awareness and inspiring action


Building inner connections that matter

Why OD Mantra?

Mission : Building Capacity and Consciousness for a Happier Work-Life

Unleash people power and navigate business challenges better

  • Upgrade leadership style, employee experience & work culture for hybrid working
  • Implement OD interventions that accelerate your progress
  • Access innovative practices that can enhance employee well-being and morale
  • Gain expertise and deliver large-scale change and transformations confidently
  • Achieve superior results through proven Coaching and Mentoring practices
  • Stay relevant.

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    A custom-built, getaway in nature with your core team. Savour an opportunity to find yourself, and pause and reflect. Get an electronic detox and enjoy some heartfelt conversations in nature.

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