OD Mantra

A boutique OD firm that works at the intersection of work and life. We offer Coaching, Mindful Leadership Development, Well-Being and OD Consulting. We design and deliver OD Interventions that enhance the human side of leadership. We customize our offerings to your people and business priorities. Each of our associates comes with over two decades of rich industry experience that equips us to cater carefully to the cyclical nuances of business. We work alongside your teams strategically and impactfully. Workshops, Team and Leadership Coaching, Consulting and Retreats are our tools for transformation.

Why OD Mantra?

Mission : Building Capacity and Consciousness for a Happier Work-Life

Unleash people power and navigate business challenges better

  • Upgrade leadership style, employee experience & work culture for hybrid working
  • Implement OD interventions that accelerate your progress
  • Access innovative practices that can enhance employee well-being and morale
  • Gain expertise and deliver large-scale change and transformations confidently
  • Achieve superior results through proven Coaching and Mentoring practices
  • Stay relevant.

Our Mantra – Work is Beautiful

Mantra is an ancient word that broadly translates into instruments that guide thought and action. It also refers to ideating, discussing, and taking decisions and actions.

There is more to work than just money and livelihood. Work, for most people, is about meaning and identity. Spending most of your waking hours at work, you hone your craft by learning, observing, practising, thinking, solving, improving, serving, nurturing and much more. So, when you make your work beautiful, life also becomes beautiful. And by staying relevant you become precious in a fast-changing world. OD Mantra works at the intersection of work and life and helps you enhance the beauty of your life and work.

The CHIEF Values we live by


Being inventive and open to ideas and inspiration energizes us. Generating multiple options and choosing them with care and practicality keeps us in a flow.


It is a way of life, choosing to see the positive side of situations and living simply. Laughter, acceptance and humour can keep us going further together.


Being a better human being takes precedence over growing the business. Integrity in words, actions and intentions.


Choosing positivity, enthusiasm and energy in everything we do. Intensity, strength and persistence make more happen.


Do a few things and do them well. A mindset of depth and detail delivers penetrative solutions and quality work. Living in the moment.